Persuasive Advertising Techniques – 3 Easy Steps To Make Your Ads Stand Out Like A Diamond

Attention Grabbing Is Both An Art And A Skill

You see, out of the multitudes of advertising resources, no matter how much you spend on your advertising campaigns you will always have to face one thing. Writing your ad copy before the launch.

What is a good ad copy. It is simply an advertisement which focuses on persuasive advertising techniques in order to get the message across to your prospects. Something that stands out and commands attention. Here’s how.

Step 1: Make Your Benefits Stand Out

Many times I see this mistake in most ad copy that is being placed online or offline. Its quite obvious to marketers yet some people still make this mistake.

When you write an ad try focusing on how your product or service can benefit your prospects. Instead of saying, “we have 4 classy designs to choose from” try changing your angle of approach to, “you can choose to look stunning, sexy, happy or professional with these range of“.

Step 2: Tell A Story In Your Ad Body

So we have figured out the headline as in step 1 and now we’re ready to move onto the next step. You will have to be able to retain the prospects attention.

Quickly do this by telling a story of yourself, a friend or about something. It really doesn’t matter as long as its not a lie and your readers can relate to it.

Step 3: A Strong Call To Action

Perhaps the hardest path for anyone who is in advertising is asking for the sale. I’m going to make it as simple as possible. Just write this part like you are telling them as a friend.

No, really people don’t like to be sold but they do like to buy. Imagine your friend telling you, “hey you gotta see this movie!”. See how simple it is? Just get this done and you’re ready.

Turning words into emotional motivators is one of the greatest persuasive advertising techniques you will ever learn. Now, take these steps and put them into action right away and plan your campaigns thoroughly!

Online Advertising – Techniques That Are Working

Online Advertising has a voracious appetite for changes. Techniques which are raging successes wither out at the blink of an eye. It is thus very important to keep accessing the Online Advertising Techniques that are being employed for your business so that you do not end up flogging a dead horse. Let us have a look at the techniques that are currently working for advertising on the online platform.


Online Advertising is about interaction. This form enabled the target audience to interact and be a part of the campaign in ways that are impossible for the other media. Online Contests took this interaction to a whole new level and provided incentives of prizes and awards for the winners. It is a common practice for the advertiser to give away the promoted product or service to the winner of the contest. Registering for the contest often requires sharing of the contest. The lure of a brand new product results in thousands of registrations and shares. There are hardly any better cost effective techniques for creating awareness of a new product or service. Industries such as the telecom industry and IT industry, that have a faster rate of producing newer products, make effective use of Online Advertising Contest Hosting.

Free Samples

This is another technique of Online Advertising which is being amply used by various businesses. The practice of providing trial versions (lasting for about a month) has always been there in the market. Online Advertising Agencies have taken a page out of this book and employed a similar technique to promote services. A video discussing the problems that are solved by the services is made viral on the internet. This Viral Video gives a sample of how the service provider would solve the discussed problem, ending with its contact details. This technique often requires the user to key-in his details like name, email id. This database can also be then used at a later campaign for target based advertising.

Maintain Contact

Online Advertising is an ongoing process. Once a database has been created or obtained, sending out regular promotional emails is another effective technique. This ensures that the contact with the user is not lost. Maintaining contact can prove influential in increasing the chances of sales during the later campaigns. Sending promotional newsletters, mailers, etc. at regular intervals are some of the ways of maintaining contact.

Article Writing

Article Writing is another effective way of promoting the website of your brand. However, this area needs to be placed under close scrutiny as the forums allowing article submissions keep changing their rules according to the changes and updates of the prominent search engines. This is because they are among the first to be heavily penalized if caught on the wrong side of the ethics. Considering that the articles are published according to the current rules, they can act as permanent sources of advertising for your website.

Social Media Optimization

The present times in social interaction are the times of likes and shares. We are seeing a unique phase when sharing an interesting ad over the social media is also happening. Sharing and recommending an ad would have been unthinkable a few years ago. But think of the number of ads which you have seen because they were shared by a friend on your social media profile page. Online Advertising Agencies have intelligently used this phenomenon to their advantage. Viral Videos with humorous or emotionally engaging content are made available on the internet. The story line often contains a subtle reference to the advertised brand. Once the video goes viral, there is no stopping on the visibility or the goodwill generated for the brand.

If you are looking for prominence on the web right now, associating with an Advertising Agency providing the above services would go a great way. In a nutshell, going engaging and going viral is the current working mantra of Online Advertising.

Foolproof Advertising Techniques for Small Businesses

Most small businesses’ advertising techniques simply don’t work.

Yes, one hell of a claim I’ve just made, but it’s true, nevertheless. It’s very hard for most small businesses to make advertising pay, and it does depend to some extent on your industry.

I’m not saying don’t do it — because once you “crack the code”, it’s outrageously profitable. But what I am saying is it takes more time, thought and planning than you expect.

So, in the main, it’s the rule rather than the exception to find Yellow Pages and local media advertising for small businesses is a waste of time and money.

There are a couple of reasons for this… first…

Small Business Owners Don’t Know How to Write Ads!

That’s OK — nor do the Yellow Pages, local media reps, or, indeed most marketing agencies. They don’t know anything about effective advertising techniques. That statement is going to get me into a lot of hot water. I don’t care about that. Because it’s true.

Here’s how it works: your friendly Yellow Pages rep and sales rep from the newspaper or magazine calling you are not advertising or marketing experts. No, they’re media salesmen and saleswomen.

Their job is to sell you media — advertising space — not results. That’s the direct opposite of everything I do for my clients, where my sole aim in working with them is to make them money (always ethically).

And they’re paid commissions on the ad space they sell, it’s to their advantage to sell you as much space as they can. Big ads, lots of “creative” expenses, and 4-colours to bump the price up!

The more money you pay for your ad, the more money they get in commissions. It’s as blatant a case of conflict of interest as I’ve ever seen. Nice work if you can get it. And this is why…

Small Businesses Pay too Much for Their Advertising!

And so they fail to make a decent Return on Investment (ROI) on it. All because of — bluntly — badly thought-out advertising techniques and duplicitous practices on the part of commissioned sales people.

OK, so you were skeptical. I was, too, when I figured this out. But take a look at your local newspaper and Yellow Pages. Look closely at the ads. Now, let me read your mind… ok… it’s coming… yes…

I see it… you’re looking at a load of ads which have the companies’ names and logos at the top… a few words… and end up saying something like “we give great service… call us if we can help“.

As advertising techniques go, having your name and logo as the first thing your readers see is right down there at the bottom. I know it might come as a surprise, and might even hurt a bit but…

No one cares about your logo except you and your graphic designer. More to the point, they don’t care about your name, or how long you’ve been in business. Worse: they don’t care about YOU, either.

All They Care About Is Themselves!

And to write a compelling and successful advertisement, you need to be using the advertising techniques the pros use.

Because you need to be advertising in a way to take care of their wants and needs, to offer solutions to their problems, to soothe their fears. Your name and logo is irrelevant.

Write your ad in their language, aimed at them, offering them a clear benefit for a) reading the rest of the ad. and b) responding to it.

How To Make More Money From Your Advertising

The secret to making more from your advertising? Pay less for running it. Not the most exciting of advertising techniques, I know. But it’s the best answer I know. Your ad’s success is measured by the Return On Investment (ROI).

ROI is the cost of running the ad divided into the money you make back off it. If your ad costs you £100 and you make £200 in sales, then your ROI is 200/100, or 2:1.

The key to making higher profits is maximizing your ROI. And you can do this in two ways.

You can either increase your ad’s response rate (takes work, but can and should be done); or you can reduce the cost. If you can get the same ad for £50, then your ROI is now 4:1.

And getting advertising cheaper is much, much easier than you think – as often as not, it’s no more difficult than just sticking to your guns and playing the ad rep at his or her own game.